About Us
New Beginnings
TBC was founded in 1940 by Rev. James Petty. It started in a little garage southside Indy. We grew and moved to a building on New York Street. Under the leadership of Rev. James Simison we moved to E Pleasant Parkway. 
The Vision
Rev. Thomas Simison became our Pastor and he saw the vision of a new building. We purchased 15 acres at 6555 E Payne Road. Under the leadership of Pastor Jim Julien we sold the building at E Pleasant Parkway and moved to our new building!
The Future
Pastor Julien is a visionary. We completed a building campaign to turn our blue gymnasium into a beautiful place of worship. His vision is to add a new fellowship hall and welcome center. Our mission at TBC is to be a beacon of hope, light, and love to our community. A place where diversity is welcome and where misfits can feel at home. No matter what you’ve been through or where you’ve come from, there is a place for you at TBC. 
Our Mission
At TBC we love and celebrate diversity. We have a vision of being a multicultural community. We believe everybody should know Jesus and our mission is to take the whole gospel to all of Indianapolis. We believe there is power in unity – and strive to unite people of all backgrounds and ages.