What is Kids4Christ?
Kids4Christ is the children’s ministry at TBC. Our mission is to humbly teach God’s Word and plan of salvation by example with love so that children are saved and made ready for Christ’s return. It’s a safe place where kids learn about Jesus on their level
Your First Visit
As soon as you arrive on campus, you will see smiling faces eager to meet you and show you the way.
Your first stop will be our first-time check in area. We want to serve you and your children well, so we need to collect some information. We will ask about allergies, what they liked to be called, and your contact info. 
The children in Kids4Christ start off in the sanctuary with the adults. They get dismissed at offering time. You or someone over the age of 16 will need to bring them back to the check in area at dismissal.
You will receive a card with a number. If your child needs you during the service this number will appear on the lower corner of the screens in the sanctuary. At the end of service, you will need this card to pick up your child.
A Few More
Things You
Need To Know
What Should My Child Wear?
Some kids dress casual, others come in their Sunday best. We want your child to come however they feel most comfortable.
Child Care
We hire Child Care every Sunday for ages 2-4. We know it can be hard to participate in worship when your child is bored. This is why we have a class geared for them. Everyone can worship on their level!
Class Times
Grades 1-5 start off in the main sanctuary at 1:30 pm. At offering time they are dismissed for class. The last Sunday of every month there is no class.
Our Values
The safety of your child is one of our top values. That’s why every staff member that is involved with Kids4Christ in any way has a federal background check. We also have certified nurses and people certified in CPR on campus. 
We know if you give respect you get respect. We value giving respect not only to you, but to your child. We have strict rules about touch and discipline. We will never allow your child to be taken advantage of by our team or their peers. 
We know kids have tons of energy so we help them use it! Our kids worship services are fun and engaging with lots of singing, clapping, and movement. Our lessons are filled with activity and exciting stories that they can relate to. 
Everything we do at Kids4Christ is to see children saved! Every Sunday we give children a chance to respond to the lesson through prayer and worship. We love to see them with their hands raised, praying and singing. Our mission is to see children learn in this environment and become active worshipers in the sanctuary with their families.